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January 31, 2017

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Wishing you an enlightened and miraculous recovery from this. I'm one of your biggest cheerleaders and sending you healing energy!!

Corinne Roby more than 1 year ago

Kick Cancers Ass

Thank you for writing about your battle with cancer. You've got this Linda! You can do it! Wishing you much strength and sending love & hugs.

Kimberly more than 1 year ago


Linda, although your story is breaking my heart, I sincerely admire your courage to go public with something very personal and private. Your community loves you and I'm sure the dance will be a sell out for sure! I don't know if I can financially help, but I can cook and I'd be happy to bring some dishes for you to throw in the freezer. I'm starting with a big batch of Shepard's Pie. Do you like Shepards Pie? I'm so sorry for your pain. You've got this girl, beat the crap out of this horrible invader. ❤

Kelly more than 1 year ago


Linda Courage is fear on it's knees. and dear sweet lady you are courageous. Nothing in life is sure but know that Love will cover you. prayers will comfort you. It is my privilege to take you and your cancer before God and beseech Him for healing/ Please find comfort in Him. Love ya Girl keep smiling

The other Linda more than 1 year ago

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Early in December 2016, I was diagnosed with Cancer for a second time, the first being in 2012. I survived it then, and I'm determined to survive it now! Follow along as I chronicle the experience; an emotional catharsis for me, informational for you. It's a journey we can travel together.

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